Mi Tierra


Our Bone Broth is Locally Sourced and Vegetables and Bones; they are made with Nanton Spring water and love!

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Welcome to Studio Mi Tierra

(Mi Tierra: My Earth)

It’s about a concept of understanding food on new levels; how it’s grown, produced and raised and why it is important not only for our nutrition, but also as part of making our world and communities healthier through our actions. Doing this will have a positive affect on our Mind, Body and Soul. We work to purchase and include products from the Farmers, Ranchers and Growers who surround us; which intern, supports our communities along with those who care about their connection with what Mother Earth puts before us to nurture and care for.


Mi Tierra, Chef Mark Klaudt and Partner Jody Swift offer their talent and services in two ways:

Pop up Dinners

  • We work with you to plan dinner groups in your homes. Plans can vary from appetizer parties to sit down 3 or 4 course dinners with options to work in wine and drink parings - anything you feel you would like to plan for your guests or perhaps clients.

  • The pricing would vary depending on what we plan for your menu. Ranges have been from $25 to $140 per person. You can pay for everything yourself or you can have your guests/friends participate in the payment for the event as well.

Cooking Classes

  • We work with you to design classes of with multiple spectrums of food choices whether it be baking, gluten- free diets, dairy- free, improved grocery shopping, sourcing and using local growers and suppliers or maybe cooking a Valentines dinner for loved ones. If you have an idea let’s see what we can do to bring some enjoyment to you and your friends or guests.

  • Prices will vary depending on what we decide upon. Classes could vary from $45 to $110 per person.

  • We Also do cooking classes for kids!!
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Stuffed French Toast