About US

Studio Me is a creative concept that supports the community coming together: 

1. We support practitioners, teachers, facilitators, coaches & leaders in offering great classes, courses & sessions in wellness, creative arts and education by providing space, time and collaboration. This is a community driven initiative.

2.We provide space for clubs, groups and small businesses to gather.

3.We support an individuals growth and development.

We believe that to achieve optimum wellness that ALL areas of well-being need to be addressed: Physical, Emotional, Spiritual,Social, Intellectual,Mental,Occupational,Financial and Environmental.  

If you have something you want to offer, please bring it to us, we'll see if it's a fit!

Studio Me is becoming a movement. It's a perspective that your "Me" your "Greatness" deserves to be nurtured and loved.  That YOU are the studio. That when your cup is full everyone else around you benefits.

Create your class on your time, with your schedule. You find 7 or more of your friends or associates and we will find you the instructor.



#102 21 Elizabeth Street
Okotoks, AB T1S 1A5

Phone: 403.422.4673


  • Mon: Call Us for App.
  • Tues: 9:30am-3pm
  • Wed: Call Us for App
  • Thurs: 9:30am-3pm
  • Fri,Sat: Call for App.
  • Sunday: Closed except for Market Me Sundays(See Calendar)

Our Story

Jody Swift & Mark Klaudt

Jody Swift & Mark Klaudt

Jody Swift, Chief Energy Officer

Studio Me is a divine idea that came to me from the desire to create a space where people could come an fall in love with themselves. I have always been a gym rat and a school geek found the value in going to a gym for my physical and emotional wellbeing and being in school for my intellectual and social wellbeing; however, I always had to look for other resources for the rest of my health needs.

I had been a drama teacher for 19 years; I had been on the stage and behind the scenes and have a large appreciation for the arts and how therapeutic it is for the mind, body and soul.

Studio Me is a center that offers classes for the whole person. We use arts, wellness and education as our foundation to direct studies and programs offered here. We center classes on all areas of wellbeing: emotional, intellectual, mental, physical, creative, social, occupational, environmental, financial, and spiritual.

50% of our clients are life long learners who are interested in wanting to learn something new, on their time, at an affordable rate, in a small class setting. They come up with the idea and we help them bring it to life by helping them find a teacher. (Spanish classes, dance classes, art, finanaces... whatever your hear desires)
50% of our model is focused on supporting practitioners, teachers, coaches, facilitators, and leaders in offering great classes of their own. Some have included: health/wellness, arts or education. This may include Shamanic healing, yoga, body talk, rieki, Nia, photography, Personal Development classes and so much more.

Our goal is to grow to be a creative arts, health/wellness and education commons. We want all our patrons to leave feeling positive and prosperous. We look forward to meeting new people and really connecting the community with each other.

Mark Klaudt, Studio Manager

I am a Saskatchewan farm boy that grew up with a wonderful family that raised a majority of their own food off the land they worked and loved. This created in me, a love for outdoors, the earth, a love to create and a love of food. This true passion for food and creating really spawned itself by fate, I literally got fired from a job in a garage changing oil and tires and from their took a leap and got a job in the food industry. I fell in love and am still love it after 27 years.

These day I focus my skills on creating soups, broths; furthermore, I love to cater, do pop up dinners and teach cooking classes. I love educating those who want learn about where food comes from and how to use local products as much as possible to support our local and Canadian economies.

Growing up on the farm also instilled in me a desire to create furnitre and art with reclaimed barn wood; some of which you can see here at Studio Me. This woodwork passion lead me to another passion. That passion and love is Jody and her vision of Studio me and what it was about. I not only fell in love with her dream come to life I fell in love with her and now I am blessed to be the manager at Studiome and her partner in life.

I'd love to meet you in person! Come by the studio I'll give you a tour..